Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Hugging my Ears

This morning Katie was screaming & Josh was mad about all the noise. So, to get back at Katie, Josh said he couldn't hear her...he was "huggin' his ears" to block out her noise!

Another "cute" thing was when Nathan was looking at a map & told me, "Here is where the Avalanche Mountains are." He meant the Appalachians! :)

Thursday, March 13, 2008

What's in YOUR kitchen drawer?

I bet it's not something like this!:) (Who knew that cookie cutters made great teething rings??? At least the top, rubbery part!)

Spring is Here!!!

And along with spring comes wet, muddy feet & pants & hands! But it didn't seem to bother the older kids today.

Nathan was out building a dam where the melting snow was running along the curb. He also panned for "gold" (which he is displaying in this picture). He had some success--he did find a piece of gold (a gold cap to a Budweiser bottle) and a dime. Here he is with his treasures!

Megan has always loved jumping in puddles. She had a blast riding her bike through the puddles on the street, jumping in the water streaming along the curb, and finding plenty of mud. That's my girl!;)

School Days

Everyone seems to be hard at work these days...even Katie!:) (Although on this particular day, Josh must've taken a "vacation" day!)

Sir Nathan

Showing off his new grown-up teeth...

A cute face as my little scholar studies a map of the world:

Miss Megan

Megan is looking so grown up!!!

Here she is wearing my robe...it's just a little big on her!:)

Prince Joshua